Installation hangs on "Software\Updates" page

Hi, I have so-called "Microsoft reserved partition" (128 MB) which I believe prevents me from installing Ubuntu. (EDIT : removing of "Microsoft reserved partition" did not help).
My installation hangs on "Updates section".
I also tried Lubuntu before and its installer also could not recognize that partition and hanged.

Welcome Nikita to the community,
"Microsoft reserved partition" is a partition where M$ creates to reserve a portion of disk space for possible subsequent use by Windows. You don't have to erase forcibly to install Ubuntu or any of his flavors.
Could you explain with more details "My installation hangs on Updates section"?

Hello Tim, thank you for the respond.
Yes. I am not 100% sure that it is the cause of the problem, but it seems to me that it is.
I am on the screen where I have to choose software, 3rd party, etc.

With Lubuntu I had similar problem /sda2 (same partition) has incorrect type "" and then it hangs on the first screen

I used Rufus to make installation USB

Well, remember if you're installing in dual boot, before run ubuntu-live you must do in windows:
Disable fast boot.
Disable bitlocker.
Shudown windows pressing shift key permanently.

Then start ubuntu usb in uefi/not secure boot (f2, f12).

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Removal of "Microsoft reserved partition" did not help, so my first assumption was wrong, changed the topic name.
@Tim Thank you for the hint, I will try it again and get back here.

I have tried to switch off fast boot and also tried different USB drive. No luck, I wait for 10-15 minutes on this screen and nothing happens.

Hi @Nikita, do you mean software updates at installation ?

Did you try doing the install without internet connection or choosing to not do software update at installation ?

Good luck :slight_smile:

HI Olek, yes, I didn't use internet connection.

Hey :slight_smile: try without :slight_smile: once installed we can do them.

Sorry Nikita, I suppose you follow this sequences:
Shutdown laptop.
Insert usb flashed with Ubuntu.
Start and enter Bios menu (f12), and select UEFI/not secure boot.
In Bios menu select usb flash memory from starting (not from disk). The installation must start...

What's your computer? Model? 32 or 64bit?

Hello Tim

Start and enter Bios menu (f12), and select UEFI/not secure boot.

Yes, in fact, I have Ubuntu 16.04 on my laptop now along with Win10.

In Bios menu select usb flash memory from starting (not from disk). The installation must start...

Yes, sure, it starts, I choose a language, keyboard language, then full\min installation\3rdparty -> Next -> 15 min wait -> nothing new

What's your computer? Model? 32 or 64bit?

64bit; MSI GE62MVR 7RG

Nikita, I've find this for a MSI installation:

You can try. Hope it helps you.

Hi. So I have tried that, had no luck at first, then I tried to wait ~40 minutes and it got to the next screen.
I found that, ntfsresize takes A LOT OF TIME to finish on my ~800gb partition.
Moreover, if I go back from the timezone screen, ntfsresize starts again.
I am wondering, is it possible to somehow switch it off? I don't want to resize my ntfs partitions as I already have separate partitions formatted for this installation.

It can be a HW issue on one of the hard drives :confused:

Finally I could install. I performed M$ chkdsk before installation, it found some problems and fixed them, but it did not change the speed of ntfsresize. It takes ~30-40 minutes for one partition (when you wait it once, then you want to see all options for disks and you have to wait again).