Installation has finished... (notification size reduction, text simplification?)

Hi @Wimpy (et al.),

What are thoughts on reducing the large "Installation has finished..." notification window by simplifying the text a little? Current notification fills the entire screen width on a 1280x800 resolution display (can be checked in VirtualBox).

In case helpful, I've created a GIMP mock-up (apart from text changes, also removing a little space between "i" Information icon and text).



In case the idea is approved, here's the text to save typing it.

Installation has finished.
You can continue testing Ubuntu MATE, but until you restart the computer, any changes made or documents saved will not be preserved.

Thank you.

Ubiquity is the installation screen that produces this dialogue box. It’s upstream, and used for quite a lot of Ubuntu-based distributions so this change would apply to all of them, including Ubuntu MATE.

I too find this humongous dialogue to be annoying, but there already seems to be a bug report raised for the size of the dialogue issue:

But I like your proposed changes in your screenshot - the line break might also need to be raised as a bug upstream as it may need to become two separate texts for translators. It might be too late in Zesty’s (17.04) cycle for UI changes now.