Installation of WOEusb on 20.04

I have followed all the different procedures for installing WOE usb on 20.04 with no luck and I find it just won't install. I have a DELL laptop INSPIRON 5575 and I am 20.04 LTS 64 bit. I have needed to back up mate and install Windows 10 (which I don't like) in order to update the bios on the computer therefore it would be simpler to use a USB stick to do this. If you have any suggestions (aside from making the stick in windows) I would appreciate hearing them. Thank you.

follow the section, Creating a USB Bootable Storage Device Using FreeDOS (Legacy Systems)
In short, make a live usb with FreeDOS, copy the bios file.exe file in the usb, boot from the usb, cd to the correct drive and let the bios file run.

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