Installation on MacBook 2008

I installed Ubuntu Mate on my MacBook. The problem is that you cannot connect to the Internet. I understand that you need to install the appropriate driver for Wi-Fi. To do this, I tried to connect with a cable. You can't connect to the Internet with a cable either.. How to solve this problem?
P.S. I contacted here through google translate, so there will be mistakes in the publication, sorry.

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Do you have (or can you get) a USB Wifi or Ethernet dongle that works with Linux? You could use that temporarily until you get the MacBook connection working.


I tried to connect to Wifi via USB. Linux recognizes TP-LINK. I can't find where to connect to the router in the settings.

I managed to connect to the router via USB. Now you have to figure out how to install the relevant driver.
The keyboard and left and right clicks also do not work.

I have never installed Linux on a Apple hardware, but Knightwise has. The post is old but maybe his blog and podcast might be an inspiration and some help. Installing Ubuntu on a Macbook Air : An updated howto. -

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