Installed VMM via Boutique - Unable to connect to libvirt

Hi folks,

I installed Ubuntu-Mate 16 10 a couple of days ago. Haven’t done much with it yet. Just installed Steam, Skype, Discord, etc. I installed Virtual Machine Manager via Software Boutique just now and on launch, it complains that it can’t connect to libvirt. It suggests that I check that libvirt-bin is installed, libvirtd is started and I’m a member of the libvirtd group. The package is installed and already running, however there is no libvirtd group.

  1. What’s next on the troubleshooting list to get this working?

  2. What’s the correct way to report this as a bug? As Software Boutique seems to be intended as a one-click-installer, I feel it should do all that is necessary to make it work.


edit: OK, I think I just had a realisation… VMM is a management shell, not a hypervisor. In that case, the only bug is that Software Boutique has this tagged as an alternative to VirtualBox which IS a hypervisor!