Installer for Windows

I happened to stumble upon an info saying that Q4OS has an installer for windows, i.e. an installer putting Q4OS alongside Windows in an easy way.
Went to their site and indeed that’s what it says.
I have NO idea what would be the technical side or complications if any, but would it be possible to have the same kind of tool for UM ?

This would come a long way into getting new users, I think.


There used to be a application named Wubi that would allow Ubuntu to boot from a file with in Windows. I don’t believe it’s still active though.

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Yes, but Wubi is not the same as what I’m talking about.
As I understand it, the installer seems to allow to install alongside Windows, without having to modify Windows partitions, i.e. it does it for you. Once installed essentially switching back and forth with Windows at restart like any dual-boot install.
That’s why I think this would come a long way into getting new users. Cause simply making the process easy and intuitive.
Maybe there is an issue or potential bug doing it that way though. Haven’t tried it myself.


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For reference …

Hi Watford,

at the following window, you can select to install Ubuntu alongside another OS!:

See also:

Full installation guide. :smiley:

Yes. The tutorial is quite extensive. But still quite a challenge for the newbie. Mainly the step involving playing with partitions can be ‘tricky’ and open for mis-steps and errors. Those who really want to do it will do it. Those that are just exploring will be rebuffed by what ‘seem’ to be quite complicated.
By referring to the Q4OS installer I was simply raising some attention to the fact that this is maybe a route to be undertaken in a way to make UM even more accessible.



I see no reason why there needs to be training wheels on everything. You research, you learn, you make mistakes but you eventually get there as a newbie.

Once you learn how to ride a bike, you get to keep that knowledge. Similar to data management. Or, newbies have friends like me with some idea of how to manage data with partitioning.