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Total Linux noob here who would appreciate your help. I am quite happy with Ubuntu Mate but I tried to install a couple of programs that were not available in the Software boutique or other Software Centers and failed so far. For all of the programs there were Linux versions available, so I assume it maybe has to do something with the arm64 architecture of the pi or the distro in general? Does it make sense to try to get it running if it was designed for another architecture? Could you maybe point me towards some resources to help me understand this topic?

The programs I was trying to install where:
Portfolio Performance

I am thankful for any tips on how to install them.


Regrettably, some Linux programs will not work on ARM. A popular example is the Chrome browser. To help you out, from where did you try the downloads? Did you try the Snapcraft store for Snap packages or the Flathub store for Flatpaks? Also, did you try the Synaptic package manager? I no longer have a Raspberry Pi so I can’t remember what was possible. I think I used the Snap store with some success and also Synaptic. I don’t recall using Flathub on the Pi. Anyway, I will try to help and maybe providing answers to those questions will help someone else provide a more granular answer that will help you. :ok_hand:t2:


Thanks for your hints. I tried Snapcraft as well as Flathub and I find Signal and Tor browser, but not for ARM64. Before I tried to install tor and signal from the links provided in the initial post (portfolio performance from here: as I was allowed only two links). It seems that all of the programs are only available for amd64 architecture and not for arm64.

I guess this means simply that those tools are not available for the raspberry for the time being and that there is no easy workaround to get around this?

At this point I don’t know. Like I said before, not all apps or programs are not available for ARM processors. Try the Synaptic package manager to see if it is available in the repository. Linux can be straightforward but in recent times, the advent of new packages like Snaps and Flatpaks have muddied the waters somewhat. They serve a good purpose for some while others don’t like them. As you learn more about Linux you will become familiar and decide what’s best for you. Hope Synaptic can help for you.

Thanks for your help! I switched to a AMD set-up in the meantime! :slight_smile:

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