Installing Development Libraries - How?

Ubuntu Mate, fun and easy. However, where are the source and development files? If I try downloading, configuring and compiling something, I’m hit with a seemingly endless list of missing libraries. So, if the LIVECD has the functional binaries to run the system, where is the companion source/development files? Really tiring trying to hunt down and install individual libraries.

Well, it depends largely on what software you’re trying to compile.

Build Utilities

These provide the tools for compiling stuff – like make, gcc, etc.

sudo apt install build-essential

Usually these are the necessities for compiling third party source code from open source projects.

Kernel Headers

These are needed for compiling kernel modules, like drivers. You can install the current one for your system using:

sudo apt install linux-headers-$(uname -r)

Getting the Source Code

Get the source code for a package using:

apt source <package>

You should check that Source Code option is checked in Software & Updates if Apt reports the source couldn’t be found for that package.

Build Dependencies

If you’re needing to install the libraries required to install a piece of software:

sudo apt build-dep <package>

Also, you might want to put a tick in the “source code” box!. :smiley: