Installing from Win 7 desktop into a dual boot

Is there a windows installer that will allow me to install Ubuntu Mate onto the laptop in a dual boot win 7 situation. I watched a youtube video of a Ubuntu 12 install using a windows installer. The guy began the install from the desktop on win 7, selected the 30 gig install size on the same C:\ drive with windows 7, the popup dialog box had a uname and pwd to fill in and that was it. He rebooted and Ubuntu installed then he rebooted again and there was an option post op either windows or ubuntu he then went back to windows to show it was still there.

How do I do this with either Ubuntu Mate 15.04 or Ubuntu 15.04? I can’t seem to get a bootable disk, I verified that a windows install disk boots but the dvd I made from the ubuntu iso image does not work. Thus my dvd burner is not working and I don’t have a usb boot option. Can I download a windows installable version and bypass the need for a boot disk, or a usb for that matter.?

If you’re positive that your DVD burner has failed, and it is impossible to get your BIOS to allow a boot from USB (or there is no USB port on your machine), then you are stuck. Wubi may still work with these later versions, but I don’t see that it is recommended.

There is an alternative if you were willing to run Ubuntu in a virtual machine but it fails your requirement of dual boot.

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My USB port works but the bootable usb option does not see or simply bypasses the usb boot. I cannot get to BIOS due to some odd password lockout that occurred. I have never put a password on any of my machines since the pc was invented. Somehow I am locked out of BIOS on my Sony Vaio. I did run a program called HWiNFO64 that read the settings in the BIOS and it states that DVD is boot enabled USB is not listed in the data from the program. I verified the cd/dvd option by placing a legit windows 7 install disk, rebooted and it immediately asks for the boot from cd/dvd in 5 secs or defaults to windows. I have a previously burned DVD of all win 7 versions that boots into the install so, the cd/dvd boot option is indeed enabled. I burned the iso image of Ubuntu Mate 15 onto DVD from the Sony computer and then I copied the iso image onto an HP and burned another disk. Neither disc boots on either the Sony or the HP. I actually did this with the i386 and 64 bit versions 4 discs in all.

I need a Ubuntu image installable from windows or a verified Ubuntu DVD bootable disk.

You can use UNetbootin to install Ubuntu 15.04 from Windows 7 into a dual boot system without the use of a cd/dvd or a USB drive. I am writing this from a fresh Ubuntu 15.04 install using the method below. I am fairly certain any flavor of Linux could be installed the same way.

Step 1: Backup all your files…just in case

Step 2: Defrag your C:\ drive [right click C drive>click on Tools Tab>Defrag]

Step 3: Check for errors [right click C drive>click on Tools Tab>Error Checking] reboot and wait for the app to finish completely, the system will reboot when finished

Step 4: Create Unallocated Unformatted free space on the C drive [Control Panel> Administrative Tools>Computer Management>Disk Manager>right click the C drive>Shrink Volume] I believe the suggested space for a full Ubuntu install is 16 Gig, I made 41,000 MB about 40 Gig. Just type the size into the already selected box. The wording MS uses is confusing be assured typing 41000 will make 40Gig free space. Click next. If it asks to format, DON’T, Also Do Not assign a letter to the newly made volume.

Step 5: Reboot Windows 7 a couple times to be sure the changes in the volume have taken without errors

Step 6: Download the Ubuntu 15.04 ISO

Step 7: Run UNetbootin (download here: )[choose disk image radio button and select the Ubuntu ISO image you downloaded. Make sure that Type: Hard Disk is selected in the drop down. Make sure Drive: C:\ drive is selected in the drop down. Click OK] The program will run through 4 steps and then ask to reboot now…Comply

Step 8: During reboot you will have a choice between Windows and UNetbootin, [Choose UNetbootin] This will boot a Live CD try before you install desktop.

Step 9: After you look around a bit you will notice an Install Ubuntu 15.04 shortcut on the desktop [start the install, I think the 4th step of the install shows the main volume with Windows and the free space you created using Disk Manager. [Make sure you click the free space and set it for “/”, click continue install] Takes a few minutes then it will reboot automatically. If you don’t press any keys it will default to the Ubuntu OS. Let it boot. setup your WiFi look around a bit then reboot when you are ready. Upon reboot arrow to Windows and it will boot Windows 7 boot loader where you will see the UNetbootin is still a choice. Windows will be the default there and allow to boot.

As I stated before I am typing this from Chromium running on Ubuntu 15.04. I wrote all this so you wouldn’t be worried about using other partition software such as Gparted or Parted Magic. No need to purchase anything, Windows already has a good tool> Disk Manager

I’ll be honest I still need to figure how to uninstall the UNetbootin loader from the Windows boot loader but that is a small issue, I just “Frugal Installed” Ubuntu successfully. :slight_smile:

PS: I use Google Chrome in Windows 7. In Ubuntu I downloaded Chromium and with a click was able to import all of my bookmarks and the same theme installed as well - easy peasy

Hi, xtrchessreal

If you want to install Ubuntu inside Windows, you can mout iso file of Ubuntu to disk by UltraISO. Then, open Command Prompt and type
E:\wubi.exe --force-wubi
with E is your disk you mout file iso of Ubuntu.

I can’t uploads images so you can continue install with ubuntu document in link

In the Installation Drive list, select the drive that you want to install Ubuntu.
In the Installation Size list, select the amount of space that you want to allocate to Ubuntu.
In the Desktop Environment list, select Ubuntu. If you wish to install Kubuntu, Xubuntu or another official derivative of Ubuntu, select your preferred one from the drop-down list.

In the Language list, select your preferred language.
In the Username box, enter a username for your Ubuntu account.
In the Password box, enter a password for your Ubuntu account. Repeat this password on the second line.
Select Install. The Ubuntu Setup progress window appears. When Ubuntu has finished installing, the Completing the Ubuntu Setup Wizard window appears.

Select Reboot now and click Finish. Your computer restarts and the Windows Boot Manager appears.

Using your keyboard’s up and down arrow keys, select Ubuntu and press Enter. Ubuntu loads and the Checking the installation wizard appears. Ubuntu is now installed.

I think it will help you.

Thanks for the info @silverthunder I have already installed Ubuntu using the UNetbootin method as I explained above. Your info may be useful to others so thanks for sharing

@silverthunder: Your Wubi guide is very helpful for older Wubi versions but IMHO it doesn’t work for 15.04. I wrote a summary of my experiences.

@matewubi I think install ubuntu inside windows is a helpfull option for beginner use Ubuntu because it’s quickly to reinstall when something wrong that he can’t fix it. It is helpfull when i began used Ubuntu. So, why it isn’t work in 15.04?. I haven’t install 15.04. I think it a good option.
(I’m sorry if my english have some wrong)

@silverthunder I am of your opinion. Wubi is a helpful option for beginners and currently, I use Ubuntu MATE 15.04 installed by Wubi!. But you need an unofficial version that works for 15.04 as I described [here][1].

The iso of Ubuntu MATE 15.04 contains wubi.exe. So it is possible to run wubi.exe as you described above. But: It doesn’t find a matching iso for Ubuntu 15.04. It downloads the iso for Ubuntu 14.10 and also installs Ubuntu 14.10. The reason is trivial. The wubi.exe is for 14.10, although it is from 15.04 iso.

Wubi for 14.10 seems to work. But after reboot, you get a “too many primary partitions” error, which is unsolveable for beginners.

So IMHO it is not possible to install 15.04 running wubi.exe from an official iso.
[1]: Live CD Does Not Boot, WUBI leaves Too Many Primary Partitions error

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@matewubi thank you for your infomation. I haven’t tried to install 15.04 so I don’t know it. Your infomation are useful for me to install new version.