Installing Shutter and Synaptic PM

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On a side note..
Did you install shutter from the PPA? Nothing wrong with that, but it is in our ubuntu mate repositories.


sudo apt install shutter

Will install it.

Maybe you also need to be introduced to Synaptic Package Manager. It contains a complete list of all packages ubuntu has to offer.

Love shutter. The UM repo version works just fine for me.

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Same here ! Shutter from UM repo works fine.

Shutter is an excellent program, but my mouse is trained to go to gimp :slight_smile:

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Does Gimp do screenshots?

Okay, I have just gone to Gimp’s “acquire/screen-shot” menu. Whilst useful, it is far inferior to Shutter’s screen-shot features

I never said anything about being better or worst. I did say Shutter is an excellent program. Thats my personal preference and not a comparison.

And I use Screenshots for screenshots :slight_smile:

Last time I installed Shutter it was a two package install. There was an feature pack. It looks like all has been incorporated into one package.

Where is this UM repo? Is it the Synaptic Package Manager with just UM stuff?

Open a terminal and type the following:

sudo apt-get install shutter

You already have the repositories (UM repo) installed. Ubuntu and all the flavors of ubuntu use the same repositories and Synaptic can be used by all of them to view the repositories.

Here’s a way to view repositories packages on line.

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Thank you :slight_smile: