Installing Software programs in Queue (Software Boutique)


When I go to the Software Boutique and request an install of a particular piece of software, the Software Queued confirms the request, but the software never gets installed. Is there something additional I need to do?


Install your list by clicking on bulk queue.


Me to. I installed a few things and sometimes I get a message saying queued for installation and despite multiple reboots nothing ends up being installed
Sometimes other things ( not queued) are installed right off.
My conclusion ( Based on no particular knowledge or experience) is that maybe these items that are queued are only in the boutique prospectively and have yet to actually be placed in the boutique for availability to us.
So I'll just go get them using Terminal


Just to be utterly clear, queuing by itself is insufficient. You need to click on the "Apply Changes" button to begin the installation of your desired softwares.

Good luck all.


thanks for that. I've installed plenty of things that never went to queue. SO I was a bit stuck on why it'd be like that. Maybe it's because it requires password authentication?


Several times when using the Software Boutique, it required multiple authentication passwords. It seems to me that if you have a selection of installs, one auth should do for all of them but that is not how this utility works at this point. Sigh...