Installing UM on HP Chromebook 11 G5 (Setzer)

I am trying to install Ubuntu MATE (16.04.3 LTS, x86_64) onto my HP Chromebook 11 G5 laptop, and am having no luck even getting the install media to boot.

I have entered Developer Mode, removed the write protection (WP) screw from the motherboard of the Chromebook, have disabled WP on the software side of things (via the terminal using shell -> flashboot), have executed sudo crossystem dev_boot_usb=1 and sudo crossystem dev_boot_legacy=1, and am still unable to boot the install media for Ubuntu MATE.

Is there anything that I may be missing? Something that I (probably) am missing?

Any and all help is appreciated!


P.S. I am looking to replace ChromeOS with UM completely, so things like Crouton are not what I am looking for

Since the question is highly specific and unlikely to not affect the Ubuntu base maybe you should consider asking it on a forum with a bigger user base such as askubuntu.

I have an Acer C710, formerly a Chromebook, but with the addition of SeaBIOS, I can install Linux distributions. Currently I am running Solus but shortly I’ll go back to UM with the 17.10 RC. However I believe SeaBIOS only works with Chromebooks with Intel processors.



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@ouroumov I’ll post something on there as well, and should an answer pop up on there prior to here, I will be sure to share it

@Brianrh The G5 uses an Intel Celeron processor, and is supposed to have SeaBIOS already on it (which I am seriously beginning to doubt). Would you be willing to share any links that may assist me in putting SeaBIOS on there?

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My son installed the SeaBIOS on my Acer sometime ago so I am not sure how this part is done. However I will contact him and find out how he did it.

I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Much appreciated! Thank you! (^-^)/

Right he knows he got he instructions directly off the website which I think is:

There is also a FAQ and what looks like an active community there so hopefully you can get this done.

Good luck.


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Sadly, the HP Chromebook 11 G5 is not listed on there. Thank you very much for the link! (^-^)/

The HP Chromebook 11 G5 is supposed to be supported by GalliumOS:

I know nothing of Gallium OS apart from it being a lightweight Linux distro but it may be of interest/use to you.


Man, audio issues out the wazoo! I’m pretty sure that I’ve destroyed my first marriage over the last two months because of my neverending quest to get the internal speakers to be recognized by the alsa-pulseaudio sound configurations that are present in Linux distros. When I used crouton and could hop between Chrome OS and Kali/Ubuntu/lxqt and so on. Anyway, the Realtek “chrtr5650” soundcard isn’t recognized by the default configuration files. HELP HELP HELP says my wife in between lunges leg kicks.
I Have tried updating the asound.state file, the .conf files that were recommended, removing pulse and alsa, etc etc etc. HP 11-v Chromebook Setzer, no built-in audio speakers recognized, just my bluetooth and Alexa in the interim. Thank ya