Instances of Google as a verb, or, "Google it."

But why?

Because I wanted to make a compendium of instances where I hear or see someone say the word Google. Leave your best (or worst) here!

This is really in response to my previous instance from this thread where I mentioned the service itself becoming a a verb, or as I put it more explicitly, “A noun people say for an action”, being that Google is a place and a service you go to, but in common parlance became so popular and deeply connected to search that people use it as a verb.

I’ll begin with new posts showing a couple of instances. Discussion is encouraged, though, you should reply to posts, not to this topic so they can be better differentiated for people who just want to browse through examples. I can’t actually police this but I am sure if the moderators hop on board they’ll do so without mention.

Lunduke the traitor

Seriously, look this one up; D-don’t even take my word for it, right, don’t even take my word for it, just Google this…

The court knows no other search engine

Imagine having your your name and reputation publicly—and permanently—connected to websites like Tushy and Blacked Raw. (Google them at your own risk.)