Insync won't launch in Yakkety

Greetings! I fresh installed 16.10 (obviously, LOL) and noticed that while Insync will install from Software Boutique, it won’t run.

It’s definitely installed (shows in Synapse), but selecting it does nothing. I’ve tried a reboot after install, and I even tried an install manually from the .deb package.

Doesn’t seem to run yet in Yakkety, I guess.

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Hello Ben, I have not try Yakkety yet but this maybe something their working on, I did try installing it from the Software Boutique and try launching it and guess what it did not launch as well so there may be an issue with this app altogether

That’s strange, because I use it daily on Xenial (on several machines, where I installed it from the Boutique and from the .deb file). I think the app is fine, unless they’ve botched up the .deb file, but the version looks the same as I’m running successfully on my main machine on 16.04.

Same here with Ubuntu mate 17.04. Insync won’t load.

Have you tried installing it from their website? Worked fine when I used the free trial on 16.04.

I’m having the same trouble with 17.04, tried downloaded it direct from insync, but had the same problem. Not sure if this is an Ubuntu Mate problem or one with Insync? Did you find a solution?

Does anybody have installed the global-menu applet and UBUNTU_MENUPROXY set to 1 . My Insync stoped working after that . The headless version works but not the gui . I can’t find how to get debug info .

I’m this issue also. Not sure what it causing yet though.

Try changing the gui style of qt4 to something diffirent than Gtk. You can do it by qt config tool .This solved it for me .

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