Intel 22b8 sound chip - no soundcard found on HP X2 210 G2

Hi all…I also have the same machine and getting the same error as - “Non-VGA unclassified device: Intel Corporation Device 22d8” even after installing Dev version of Ubuntu Mate. Please suggest some workaround for onboard Intel Sound Card as all it is showing as Dummy Output in sound preference. However, under input, Input Level shows to be responding when some media is playing. I do not want to switch back to Win 10 as it eats up all the space and is pathetic. All the help will be highly appreciated.


have you done all recent updates and you do know that there is a bug don’t you? (see link above):

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Hi @fabos,

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@fabos - Have tried connecting Bluetooth speaker with Ubuntu on the same machine and it worked fine.

@wolfman - While googling “x5-Z8350 linux”, i came across this link - - this gentleman is appearing to be figured out the way to make it work. Will be great help if you can kindly check and translate for “noobs” as to what he actually did as linux can prove to be a real life saver for this machine.



he made some adjustments to the sound file, give me a while as I am not on Ubuntu Mate at the mo and I will take a look for you. :thumbsup:


I looked around for info but cannot find anything positive so try the following (the above links refer to compiling which I don't do!).

Open a terminal with Ctrl + Alt + t and type (c & p) the following command:


and a window like the following will show up, do you have any info showing on it, please post a screenshot of the window so we can see what (if anything) is showing on the Alsamixer window:

See also:

@wolfman - I am running Ubuntu, converted as macbuntu....getting error as no such file or directory if I type alsamixer on terminal. When i installed GNOME Alsa Mixer, it is opening as blank (screenshot).


today I’ve gained access back to my device (gave it to a friend for testing).
I’ll try your new proposals later the day and will report back here, as soon I can :slight_smile:


@wolfman - If you could spare some time and check out this link

There is some way given to configure Audio Drivers for similar kind of machine…will be great if it can solve the issue. Thanks.


there is no HP computer covered on the above link, did you try any of the suggestions anyway?. :smiley: