Interactive web app compares SD cards by price & specifications

Regarding the following article:

"As always, microSDHC I/O throughput is a bottleneck on the Raspberry PPi so don’t gimp your Raspberry Pi by cheaping out on poor performing microSDHC cards. We used the Samsung 32GB 95MB/s Memory Evo Plus microSDHC cards during the testing of these images and they significantly better performance than most other microSDHC cards we’ve tried. But don’t take our word for it."

Raspberry Pi | Ubuntu MATE

...but the write speed is only 20MB/s, gimpy. :smirk:

And notice how the Samsung product comparison tool does not allow you to compare specifications, even on their top-of-the-line products. If you need more choices, more information, or better performance, look here:

Easily construct a custom comparison chart for SD cards by choosing the range of specifications you want to include. Find a card for any price/performance ratio. Links to OEM data sheets. Combine search parameters by holding the 'control'key while you click on menu items. Export results to Excel/CSV. Share your custom chart by copying the result page URL. A great research tool for pros & purchasing agents.

Here is the top level unfiltered chart for all Micro SD cards in the catalogue, which runs 11 pages (258 items.)

Note: The Samsung brand is conspicuously absent here. And some of the cards cost several times more than the RPi -- but if your application demands extreme performance, you can purchase cards with read AND write speeds greater than 90 MB/s.

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