Interface Switching with Ubuntu MATE 15.04

This short video introduces Interface Switching which is integrated into Ubuntu MATE 15.04 via MATE Tweak.


Love this feature. Instead of hours of tweaking, it only takes a couple of clicks.

I found the video very helpful, being a born again newbee :grin:

Awesome! … you should add win7 win8 and win10 interface too :smile:

I really like Ubuntu MATE…

@Wimpy, is it possible for users to create and save a panel layout? Prehaps these could be shared then with others.

@CGB I do have a tool for dumping layouts. I’ll include this in 15.10 somehow.

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I’ve just discovered where the panel configs are! Editing them by hand is much better than dragging widgets in place with the GUI. That’s just made my day!

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