Interview with Martin Wimpress on Destination Linux

Hi all,

I was invited on Destination Linux podcast to talk about MATE and Ubuntu MATE. This is a long form interview covering my Linux origin story, Ubuntu Podcast, LAS and my involvement in MATE and Ubuntu MATE, including what’s new in 17.04 and what’s coming in 17.10. Here’s a link to the YouTube video, yes I have a face for radio, so you’ll also audio links in the description :grinning:


I watch Rob & rocco all the time so this was a real treat to watch, thanks for doing this Wimpy :sunglasses:

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Thanks Wimpy ! I will watch as soon as i could …
Have a nice day all

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Congrats on your new job to Ubuntu !!!

I have formed aRaspberyy Pi interest group at a community college [SBCC, santa barbara ,ca].

When I went to the Ubuntu-Mate site I was given a choice of 32/64 bit .iso files, with no direction about which is better suited to Pi 3 and Pi 0 W. Any thoughts.

Most of my students have PCs using Windows 7/10. Yes, I am trying to show them the linux way …

The normal direction to install Ubunty Mate is s to use Win32Disk imager and this DOES work after I found a Ubuntu 16.x .img file in a torrent. Can you steer me to a site which discusses Imager and .iso files for Raspberry Pi!

I plan to use Ubuntu-Mate as an access point to configure IoT projects. The few websites that talk about AP with Jessie/NOOBS, just do not work. However it works fine with Ubunty-Mate. Can you steer me to a site which discusses these challenges?

Thanks in advance.


Watched this earlier today and thought it was brilliantly done. Kudos to Rocco and Rob for an excellent job in allowing Martin ample time to thoroughly answer each question. Thank you Martin for taking the time to really delve in and provide so much interesting information regarding “the distro which shall not be named”. The portion where you went into the future of UM was particularly exciting and I’m itching to see what 17.10 will look like. In fact, since there seems to be such a dearth of UM specific podcasting, I propose that in typical Linux tradition the Ubuntu Podcast should be forked into the MATE Podcast. Here the spirit of a traditional podcasting environment can be preserved whilst utilizing a contemporary format :stuck_out_tongue:

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