Invert Colors in Mate Desktop

Replicating Windows 10 magnifier color inverter feature on Ubuntu Mate has been a series of dashed hopes for me.

Here are the things I've tried:

  1. xrandr-invert-colors
  2. gnome-shell-extension-invert-color
  3. Universal Access --> Magnus
  4. xrandr (and many options)
  5. xcalib -invert -alter
  6. xcalib -d :0 -invert -alter
  7. xcalib -d :1 -invert -alter


note the following output:

x @ubuntu:~/z$ xcalib -d :0 -invert -alter
x@ubuntu:~/z$ xcalib -d :1 -invert -alter
Error - Can't open display :1

So I guess with my MSI Thin laptop lid closed, I am on display 0, so it is perhaps not a multi-screen issue. (I have not tried it on the laptop by itself yet.)

Pretty sure this is not running Wayland (as some of the above solutions do not work on Wayland) based on checking various env variables, etc.

Compiz might be a solution, but not willing to make the switch, yet.

Isn't there a simple X command to do this? If not, is it because something in Mate-Desktop is superceding? If so, is there a way to do it in Mate?