iPod Shuffle + Ubuntu Mate 16.04

I have an iPod Shuffle and am using Ubuntu Mate 16.04. Rhythm box sees the information on the Shuffle and I can delete it from there, but I don’t see how to add it. If I use drag and drop, will I be able to sort the music. I don’t want to mess up my music on the iPod so I am being cautious about removing it. I have looked at Amarok and Banshee and just don’t see how to use them to sync my music or playlists with the iPod. Thank you for taking your time to read this.

Any suggestions?

Hello. You can try little app-gtkpod.

Hi and thank you, I have installed gtkpod and it crashes often when loading music onto the iPod shuffle, but I did manage to add the music after several attempts. Not sure why it crashed, it was at the step where I was choosing the folder to transfer the music from.

Hello again. Maybe you can try start gtkpod from terminal and post terminal output here?

Thank you, I am away from the laptop at this time, but I should be able to try it later today.

Please try Rythmbox. worked 100% for me