Is it normal that one cannot DD an encrypted HDD over to another and make it work?

Hello UM Community,

I’ve faced this problem last year and now that I know where to find the proper support I am sending you this question as a FMI (for MY information :slight_smile:)

Is it normal that if one fully encrypts their HDD using LUKS and then wish to DD it over to another exact same HDD (P/N) that it will not work? At least, it did not worked for me and I have done this process several times in the past only without encrypted partitions using regular dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb.

Therefore, is it safe to say that whenever one Veracrypts (or LUKS) their entire HDD there is something in the encrypting routing that will bind the encryption over to the HDD? (Possibly S/N or P/N or…?)

Of course it’s always possible to move one encrypted Veracrypt contained over from one system to another but is it always impossible when one wishes to mirror their whole crypted HDD over to a another identical HDD?

Thanks in advance,

PS: Possibly not bringing anything good but I was on 16.04 when I tried doing that.