Is it Possible to Modify the Position of Desktop Notifications?

The position of the notifications overlap with the mate panel for me.

Often I have to wait therefore, until I can click on a panel item, if just in this moment a notification is displayed. This occurs more often than it is obvious, as some actions in the panel triggers these notifications... :wink:

Is it possible to modify the position of the desktop notifications to offset the panel size?

My desktop layout consists of three displays, while the primary display is the middle one, which also is bigger than the two displays around. On the primary display the mate panel is located at.
Does this occur for my special setup only?

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You have to try MATE Control CenterPopup Notifications (mate-notification-properties) and adjust settings inside it :


Thanx, this helped, as I was able to configure it to use one of the displays that don't have the mate panel.

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