Is it possible to mount Google Drive as a local drive?

I was looking for the way to mount Google drive as a local drive, years ago I tried OCAML-Fuse, but I was not very impressed. Now I made a search in the forum but I see that there is nothing recent, I found discussions 4 or 5 years old.
I try to throw a new stone in the water: someone is using OCAML-Fuse, gnome-online-accounts or other FREE software to mount the Google Drive in Mate?
Mate has done or is planning to do something like gnome-online-accounts?

there is rclone and here's a tutorial Mount Google Drive Locally Using Rclone In Linux - OSTechNix


Thank you Pavlos, I'm going to study it.

I've successfully installed and configured rclone, it works fine.
I see that libreoffice cannot open a document directly on the drive, it says that it can't establish a lock on the file because has no permissions. Do you know a workaround in this case?

ok, I found the solution. It's enough to set a parameter in the mount sentence:

rclone mount my_drive_name: /mount/point/folder --vfs-cache-mode full

That's all.

Definitively a very good software rclone, it's fast and easy to config.
Thank you again.