Is it possible to save the system to ext HD?

Hi all,

Having recently reinstalled Ubuntu Mate 15.04 after my various learning experiments caused a few issues! I have spent a couple of days setting up all the various programs and functions that I like

So I was wondering is there a way of saving the entire image to disk so that next time I need to do a reinstall (which probably won’t be that long), I won’t have to go through the above processes again?

Cheers, Matt

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Sure, there is a tool called Clonezilla that lets you save/restore snapshots of your filesystem (including the bootloader).

In order to clone your system, the filesystem cannot be in use, so use Clonezilla Live to boot a live CD or USB and follow the guided procedure.


A very nice option is Timeshift which allows you to make ondemand or scheduled snapshots of your system. If you bork your setup, you just restore it. Takes 5 mins to get back to the previous state. I just did it this evening after removing a key application which damaged my setup.


Wow, thanks guys. I really didn’t expect there to be an option to do anything like that!

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This tool can do various things. You can define system-restore points, You can also use it to create a “live-system” copy of your system that you can copy onto a DVD or USB-stick. I have a vague recollection of reading somewhere that it does not backup your “home” files i.e. you might have to use the “ubuntu-mate” backup tool to backup your “home” and systemback to backup your system.
There was a good write-up in Linuxwelt 6/2015, pages 20-21 for those who can read German. Here are two links to English-language info concerning the tool.

Link A:

Link B:

I have not used it myself. When I have a serious problem with my rig I prefer doing a fresh install.
Be careful…


Also: a nice thing is to have Clonezilla installed directly on hardisk, so to have an option restoring your sistem at PC boot, as in laptop that have “Press F11 to restore OS” or something like that.
Just follow this doc to get that option:
Obviouslu is a good procedure, time to time, to backup your clonezilled imeges, as your data, on an external storage … :wink: