Is it possible to synchronize music with Apple devices?

I have a new Ubuntu Mate 16.04 and happy with it.

I came from Apple, and I was able to sinchroinze my iPhone music with iTunes, now there are not an iTunes for Ubuntu and seems than there is no software that recongize my iPhone (or iPod) as a music device.

I have been reading old posts, where I see than few years ago it was possible to synchronize rhythmbox or Banshee … but now I can’t see my iPod in these applications.

Is not possible any more?


Hi Albert

I do not own an apple product, but I wonder if this is any help.

Thanks, I already saw this, I think talks about old version, doesn’t work for me

What model of iPhone/iPod do you have?

I have iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPad 2, and iPod Touch. It doesn’t work with any of these

Hmmm, bother -

Yes I saw, they have the same problem, I’m not allone :sweat:

Hi Albert,
I was wondering if you find any solution or workaround. I have the same problem.
best, Mohammad

@Albert_Catala; @Wimpy

I found a suggested solution here:
but I am not sure if it works.
Besides, I am not a computer man and don’t know how to compile anything!

No, not yet, I think I will use Windows for that

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Thank you. If I find something, will let you know.
All the best,