Is there a clipboard manager in mate?

I saw this commit,

and read the commit message
now I wonder, is there a clipboard manager integrated in mate ?
(would be nice not to think about which of the many ones to use)
and if there is one , how can I use it

Hello a4z

I use "Parcellite", which I install with Synaptic (the package manager). :slightly_smiling_face:


I 2nd that recommendation!

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I also use Parcellite.

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I use Parcellite for text and the integrated Take Screenshot option in Ubuntu-Mate (which I trigger with my PrtSc button).

The Take Screenshot option allows for taking the whole desktop, the current window or to snip a specific area. The capture can then be saved as an image or copied to your clipboard.

Between Parcellite and the Take Screenshot option within Ubuntu-Mate, I have everything I need in this respect.

Thanks for the in put !

I am starting testing Parcellite , and CopyQ , lets see which I like more.
both work,

Parcellite gives me 2 icons in the systray, i wonder why

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