Is there a repo for Thunderbird 78+?

My wife has been using Thunderbird for years. Version 68.x.x is the last version available in the official Ubuntu repo, it was added in August.

TB 78 for Ubuntu seems to exist as Flatpak or Snap exclusively. I tried those on my computer but they have some drawbacks (lacking support for third party apps if one tries to open attachments, complicated update of the flatpak version) which are showstoppers.

Does anyone know a trustable repo for TB 78+? Is Ubuntu planning to add TB 78 to their official repos whatsoever?

Please take a look at the following web page -

Oops, it's that easy? I read that TB development moved to another group, and I expected that the repo would move as well.

Anyway, thanks so much!

Unfortunately the ppa given at didn't contain TB 78 but only TB 68, at least at my wife's computer.

So I browsed the web once more and found this:

There someone recommends to use

That solved the issue.

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