Is there a system to log Mate desktop bugs?

I noticed 2 other issues with Ubuntu Mate 20.04, and installed LinuxMint Mate 20 Beta and eh voila, there are the same issues

  1. The My Weather Indicator doesn't keep the setting to start with the system. Looking at the crash report in Ubuntu Mate 20.04, it says there is no entry to run as a start app in Ubuntu. In Linux Mint Mate, the app causes no crash, but has got the same issue.
  2. The distance of the last icon in a new panel to the second icon from the bottom is always smaller in Ubuntu Mate 20.04 and Linux Mint 20 Beta. I assume it's the Mate desktop that causes the (minor) problem.

You can report those at the MATE Desktop github site:

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Yeah, it's very strange. there used to be a prominent link to it but not any more. I rasided a bug report to that effect as soon as the latest website was launched, but it was closed as Invalid or similar asap! ???


Sorry for any typos, but no cursor display and/or speelchck in my broswer from (just) this site makes it had to type corretly.

I install mint 19.3 and the weather indicator did not worked.
So install weather (Gnome based ) and today the weather is working ..
I end ed with two weather indicator
Screenshot at 2020-06-21 16-21-18

Absolutely no problem at all here, with My Weather Indicator.
Smooth, no glitch... so far.


I have done it in for the icon issue.

@Watford can you le me know your settings and what system do you use?
I wonder because both Mate versions have the same, it's not possible to have it as Start up.I searched yesterday a bit and found that the current My Weather Indicator is not updated for 20.04.

Sorry if this comes late in reply to your note


Sorry for the delay. Thanks @Watford