Is there a way to rearrange the categories in the sidebar of Caja?

I use caja heavily, and in the sidebar on the left the default order of categories is Computer -> Devices -> Bookmarks. Is it possible to rearrange these, so that I could put Bookmarks at the top? Screenshot is of the current state, and it'd be more useful to have the bookmarks at the top.

HI, found this but doesn't seem to address you wanting bookmarks at top, seems like the default bookmarks are hard coded and in link he hides some which just move the bookmarks up.

Possible two click workaround might or might not be helpful for you.

On right I chose Bookmarks from dropdown arrow (I don't have any)
On left I chose Places from dropdown arrow

Quick click no changes made to system.
Edit: Not sure but think you could bookmark replacements for the default places.


That's a good plan to just use all bookmarks, I do need the devices and such but replacing that with bookmarks will work. Thanks!