Is there a way to show only Caps in the 'Keyboard LED applet'

I am using Mint 21.1 with Mate 1.26.
I can turn on the Keyboard LED applet through Mate Tweak, but it shows 3 icons. I would like to show only one icon, Caps. Would it be possible somehow?

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Hi, don't think so as I believe it was programmed to simulate the no longer furnished lites on the keyboards themself. My Dell laptop doesn't have the three indicators on the keyboard but has a light in the Caps lock key.

See here for post from @tkn :

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Thanks, that answered my question :cry:

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Found a little program that does the trick, indicator-keyboard-led

Added the ppa and installed version 1.2. Had to manually install gir1.2-appindicator3-0.1
You can even edit the .svg icons the program uses in order to make them fit better to your them
Working great.