Is there anymore free linux games?


Not sure if this is the section to post this but I was wondering is there a way to get anymore free Linux games through Software Boutique? When I used to use Linux Mint the Software Center/Manager had tons of free Linux games and I was hoping to find foobilliards++ and AssaultCube in the Software Boutique but they're not there. So is there a way to get more games?


The Boutique is MATE's curated list of software. To browse the full complement of available software use the Boutique to install one of the other software installers such as Synaptic or the one called simply "Software", and then use that to browse for the games you want. You'll find these under the "More Software" section of the Boutique (second icon from the right at the top). Or, just try sudo apt-get install FooBillard++


Thanks! Yeah I installed Synaptic Package Manager and I also did a web search and found foobilliards++ and Assault Cube so issue solved!


Steam has a raft of free games for Linux, including DOTA2 and Counterstrike, and Megaglest (open source) also cheap prices: <$5for games like Tales of Maj'Eyal and Vulture for Nethack. This gives some money to the devs, to give them remuneration so they can spend time working patches.


Thanks but I'm on a metered connection so I can't play games online. I'm just looking for games I can download and play offline


Software has a ton of games.


Really? I installed it but didn't see anymore than the default curated list. I'll reinstall it and look again


Well I installed it and it wouldn't open up. It wouldn't do anything. So I don't know. Thanks anyways


What you want is gnome-software


Ok thanks I'll try that!


Yeah that's the same one I got before and it doesn't open or do anything for that matter


Synaptic is where you can find games, in the "Games and Amusement" section. Ev.ery game available is in three sections, depending on their source.

sudo apt install synaptic

It was the only "Software" 10 years ago, and I still use it as my go-to way to see what's in each category.


Ok thanks and yeah I already have Synaptic Package Manager installed but I didn't know I could look for games there



Yeah I found it thanks