Is there artists with graphic tablets?

Hello, so I guess there are artists with Wacom tablets. I wanted to ask you how do you set it up? (aspect ratio, mapping to monitor, setting up buttons of the tablet, pressure feel)
It works out of the box, so drivers are installed in the system, but there are no control panel like in Unity or Gnome3.

I founded one topic where someone asked the same Wacom Tablet Settings And I also made one Wacom Tablet Settings but there are absolutely no right answers.

I wanted to install Ubuntu Mate after release 16.04 to my main machine instead main distro with Unity, with I don’t like, but without the ability to configure my graphic tablet it’s useless for me.


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Good day @RSA91,

I was user of a Wacom tablet before, an old A5 size that I updated to a Huion A4+ this year.

I am using the pen tablet, both, wacom and Huion without issues. The only issue with the Huion is that I can’t map the buttons on the tablet to any action. At least I haven’t tried it yet.

Actually, it does not matter which version of Ubuntu you use, be it Ubuntu, Xubuntu, U-Mate… The tablets work “out of the box”. Just plug it and you are good to draw.

I used Ubuntu-Gnome, Xubuntu, and now Mate, and both tablets (Wacom and Huion) work with any. Some settings will be done in-software, not at system prefs level. It’s true that other flavors have a “Wacom” system preferences set, that is missing in Mate, but they work.