Is this 'About your PC' thing I keep seeing native --

-- or something I must install? Or does MATE offer a similarly informative window somewhere?

Okay, I see it must be installed.

But Mate doesn't offer such information already. Does it?

some distros have screenfetch|neofetch already installed.

It would be nice here too.

Success --

It's in the repos. sudo apt install neofetch should install it.

Oh crap. I did it manually. :wink:

Well so did I. I opened synaptic and amongst the uninstalled was neofetch. No shame in that.

I didn't. I'm talking 100% terminal. :dizzy_face:

some of that information can be found in the system monitor under system, however it does not display all that neofetch or screenfetch shows

After thinking about your 'manual' remark, my guess is that you meant that you opened the [LinOxide] page linked above, and added the indicated ppa and continued to install and run neofetch (in a terminal). Right?

I managed to find neofetch in another (and a far simpler way) in the repositories. I seem to remember installing this app in a previous version of Ubuntu. It is cute but I prefer inxi (sudo apt install inxi) to examine and display my system specs.

Please see -

for examples.


Thanks Mdooley. I don't remember quite what I did but it was all terminal. Probably found a webpage that explained it all to me.