Is your computer telling you it's time to upgrade?

I just had to share this. From a machine I recently inherited, Hewlett-Packard has the audacity to think that hardware has such a short lifespan...

Hey, there's always installing Ubuntu MATE as an option...

Text form, for search engines:

HP services and repair parts may no longer be available for your PC as of 12/30/2019

HP Pavilion Notebook

Special offer on a new HP product

Your PC is nearing the end of its productive life and we trust you have enjoyed your HP experience. If your current PC is slowing down and you are thinking it's time to upgrade, check out this special offer on a new HP product.

HP would like to thank you for your loyalty and offer you a special discount on a replacement or upgrade of your HP product.

My answer is still the same: I'd rather save my money and install an OS that doesn't bog the PC down.


Come and get it Google, Yahoo and DDG; archive this trash so people know HP is trash.

That is what you get for registering. I never do, it is just spam to sell you more.