ISO Master on Ubuntu Mate

I am using ISO Master on Ubuntu Mate.

I want to create a modfied bootdisk using an MSDOS WIN98Noram_bootdisk.iso. Having added an executable file (SPINRITE.EXE) and removed some of the DOS application files I have saved the result to a new ISO file. I then burnt a new ISO CD using Brasero. An examination of that new CD and it’s source ISO file (using an archiver) shows they both contain the modifications I want.

However when I boot using that CD it cannot find SPINRITE.EXE and ‘dir / p’ shows the contents as per the original WIN98Noram_bootdisk.iso.

What am I missing here?

Could it be possible the file you added was put into a separate session?
I vaguely recall multisession CDs not working properly in DOS with only the first session being visible.

I’m wondering if adding / removing the files in the images automatically updates the Filesystem entries.
Is “ISO Master” supposed to handle that?
It’d be very nice if we could manage to find a way to do what you want.
I think even Steve Gibson would appreciate it. :]