Issue Installing on RPi 4

I have been having issues with installing Ubuntu Mate on my RPi 4. When I try to install it using SD card it always hangs "waiting for unattended-upgr to exit". I have tried using both balenaEtcher and RPi's imager to copy the iso onto the SD card.

I read a thread over on StackExchange and I have tried increasing the size of the partition to 8GB using gparted. In my research I have noticed that a lot of people with RPi's are having the same issue. Is there a workaround, or a way to disable the daily update so it's not running during the initial installation?

Sorry to hear that, and can't be more helpful.

I used a 16GB SD card without seeing that message.
Booted up with MATE 20.04.2 64 bit with no issue


I have Ubuntu Mate on a R Pi and seem to remember an option to download updates in the background, of something like that, during installation. I can remember the installation taking hours, it was not hanging, I just left it and all was OK.

maybe a useful resource here to look at.

I can't remember if I had that or not, though I think one install did.
It's almost certainly a combination of bad configuration / bad code in that release, but if you can still get to a console login (CRTL-ALT-F2 etc - unlikely, I suspect, but worth a shot) you could just kill the process so the installation completes, and then fix the config files etc at your leisure.

I expect that I left mine for an hour or so to see if it was ever going to sort itself out, and then just powercycled the Pi if not. Not good as a habit, but the correct thing to do if some POS process is making the machine unusable because it's trying to use an unconnected network etc.

Fixing the SD image IS possible, but may be beyond your ability to manage on your own.
In short: mount the image via loop, and -x /usr/bin/unattended-upgrade.
If that at least mostly made sense to you, GFI - you can find the exact syntax for the mount etc online. If it sounded like gibberish, then your best bet is to just install while on a proper LAN connection, do something else for an hour when it hits that point again (or just leave it overnight), and just power cycle it if it's still not done after that. gl