Issue with forum login, frequent disconnects

Hi all, just want to check if anybody else having issue with our forum access? Slow login, frequent disconnects etc?

Many times the forum page does not load first time, OK on refreshing. Then when I try to login, first time login window will be showing circling like forever, if I close and re-login it works. Many times I get 522, 502, 524 error codes. See below one ex.

I must admit, I'm on metered internet but I don't have issues with other websites. This is happening only on our forum.

Hi :slight_smile:

Never got similar issues from my end (location France with chromium-browser)

Maybe you will find some info with the development mode (F12)

I have experienced frequent disconnects at times where I had to re-login. But never any error message or code.

Thanks @olek, I'll try with chromium for a while and see if it is really firefox related.

On firefox or chromium? How to enable it? F12 on my PC is set for dropdown terminal.

Thanks @jaybo.
I have set cookies, site data and history to be cleared upon firefox exit. I don't know if that affects. I'll try with chromium first.

It' is Ctrl+Shift+i , sorry @saivinob

Some errors will probably arrive inside the console :

I'm seeing no problems here on Firefox 87 in Jacksonville (United States). Did your adblocker just get updated or something like that? I see the uBlock icon in the corner of the Firefox window you posted, along with a superscripted number 2; have you checked what your adblocker is preventing from loading?

Thank you @olek, @gordon. I'll try and see what broser console shows when I face disconnects again. I'll also remember to check uBlock.

For what it's worth; been using Firefox (also 87) with uBlock (but the Origin fork) from the moment I arrived at this forum and never had a single issue. Could be some custom modification or other filter list in uBlock or a difference in the Origin fork then. As I do not see a superscripted 2 in the uBlock icon so nothing blocked here.
You could also try Origin or whitelist in uBlock. Just my 2 cents!

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I think whatever was shown as blocked was temporary. I've been checking it since it was suggested, no blocked content on uBlock.

The errors look like they're more to do with your internet connection and physical location, rather then browser.

The errors (5xx) mentioned suggest this:

  • 502: Bad Gateway
  • 522/524: Connection Timeout (Cloudflare)

The server is physically located in the :uk: UK but it sits behind CloudFlare, which is the CDN. It should speed up static content by caching it to a server closer to you, but with there being interactivity (login, send/get posts), it'll need to travel all the way over here and all the way back.

I'd guess at times, somewhere along the line - things took a long route, wrong turn or longer then expected. :stopwatch: It could be your ISP too.


Thanks @lah7. Yes, that is mostly the case, as I am currently on metered connection. I wanted to check with others because I did not face such issue on other websites. Strangely it is quite stable since I posted the issue. :joy: