Issue with video conference

During video conference on web, I have issue and broke the whole conference for others participants, only my Ubuntu Mate : no image, no sound. My system is Ubuntu Mate 22,04 up-to date. If I join a video conference with others participants, then all participants lost image and sound. If I use live Xubuntu or live Ubuntu Mate 22,04, join the video conference, then ok, everything works fine with image and sound. I analyzed further with others participants, and the issue only appears with my computer running my system and not with others live linux on my computer. I tested with others browsers Firefox, Brave, Chromium, incognito mode or not, vpn on/off and external/internal camera. The video conference used is The others participants have the same system installed as me, Ubuntu Mate 22,04 up-to date, same Firefox, no vpn, good connection bandwidth for all.

I wish to fix it, can you help me?

Hello, @Philippe :slight_smile:

I've never used "Framatalk" for web audio and/or video conferences, but the web page "Framatalk / Jitsi Meet Β· Framasoft Documentation" - - mentions that "Framatalk" is " Powered by the free software Jitsi Meet []"

I've done a web search for jitsi meet no audio or video linux and I've found the following related discussion in the "Jitsy Community Forum":

In that discussion, "Freddie" (a Moderator of the Jitsy Community Forum) posted the following reply:

So that reply mentions firewall rules. Are you running "ufw" (ufw is the "Uncomplicated Firewall" => see "UFW - Community Help Wiki") or any other Software Firewall in your Ubuntu MATE 22.04 setup, by any chance? If you are, I might suggest disabling that software firewall at least temporarily and test again the web conference in Framatalk to see if that solves your issue. If disabling your firewall solves your issue, then that's a really good indicator that, if you want to you keep running your software firewall, you'll have to open some firewall ports in your side.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks for your further investigation :slightly_smiling_face:
He's right, issue came from firewall rules as I enabled ufw.