Issues getting VNC running on Ubuntu Mate 20.04 on a Raspberry Pi 4

Hi all,

I'm trying to get VNC running on the above and I'll try and quickly run down how I managed to get to the position where it's almost working.
So I installed the arm64 image from RealVNC download and then obviously got this error as I'm running the arm64 Ubuntu Mate and RealVNC only offer an armhf one:

"error wrong architecture - run dpkg --add-architechture to add it and update afterwards".

So I forced the architecture by running:

sudo dpkg --add-architechture armhf

When I ran vncserver it kept complaining that some files of /usr/lib were missing, so I copied a load of them from this Github backup here to usr/lib and that seemed to allow vncserver to run.

Yes I know this is not the best method, but it seems Ubuntu Mate is still in beta. Anyway, vnc setup a password, key, etc. and gave me my local IP and a session number/port. When logging into it it asks for the username/password, waits a few seconds and then returns 'access is denied'.

I should note that when running the [] script in /home/user/.vnc it used to say 'cannot find /home/user/.Xresources' file, but then again the same error appears in a Digital Ocean guide but isn't mentinoed as an issue? (link below)

I think I ran touch ~/.Xresources which made that error go away, but when I run the [] it just leads to a blank terminal window.

The last two log files are here: [Pastebin1] and [Pastebin2] (see below). The second is the only one that shows the client being rejected. So, in short I think the VNC login errors are something to do with the frontend desktop environment.
Any ideas at all please?

& Pastebin2

Digital Ocean guide

sudo dpkg -add-architicture armhf

sudo apt update

have you done it ?

This is what i have done:

armf is 32 version
to install on 64 version you have to tell the system:

sudo dpkg --add-architecture armhf
sudo apt update

sudo dpkg -i VNC-Viewer-6.20.529-Linux-ARM.deb
sudo apt install libx11-6
sudo apt --fix-broken install