Issues with 24.04 LTS

I decide to install 24.04 on a test box and have two issues.
One Caja doesn't show album art (thumbnails) on my songs and I do a lot with music. If I open the folder/album in Thunar they show, and then will show in Caja after that.

after opening with Thunar

I went to my Mint Mate and added any thumbnail software that Ubuntu Mate didn't have but still get the same result, album art won't show if I don't open it in Thunar first. This was a problem in 20.04 LTS, solved in 22.04 LTS and back again in 24.04 LTS. Any suggestions?

The second problem is with engrampa. It will compress a file, but when I try to extract nothing is there. I added gnome file roller and when I try to extract the file is there and extracts correctly. I usually use .7z, as you can password protect the compression for privacy. I also tried in different .tar compressions with the same results. Then I added gnome file roller and that finds and extracts the file correctly.

This is a new problem I have only experienced in 24.04 LTS. Again anyone having this same problem. Any ideas?

I would like to put Ubuntu Mate 24.04 LTS on my main laptop and register it with Ubuntu Pro, but not until I can fix these two problems. Does anyone know when the next point release will be ready?

re: thumbnails, are your songs on a remote drive? go to Caja > Edit > prefs > preview and choose.

Not on a remote drive, only the laptop drive. This is a Mate problem, I experienced it on three different laptops, and Mate Parrot, Mate Spiral, Mate Sparky and Mate Debian. Ubuntu Mate 22.04 and Mint Mate 20.3 had the problem fixed, but it seems back in 24.04

It does happen on external drives too, but I have download thumbnails with easy tag or make my own album art, strip the originals with kid3 and put them in each folder, then attach them to the songs with kid3. But I get the same results with a ripped factory CD.

Hi, @jymm (Jim) :slight_smile:

About this last question of yours:

I may be wrong, but I believe the first point release (24.04.1) of Ubuntu MATE 24.04 LTS ("Noble Numbat ") will be released more or less at the same time as it will be for "regular" Ubuntu 24.04 LTS ("Noble Numbat"), so it will be on 15th of August or some time after that date (of the current year of 2024). Here's what the "Release Notes" for "Ubuntu 24.04 LTS ("Noble Numbat") say in its "Upgrades" section:

Ubuntu 24.04 LTS (Noble Numbat) Release Notes - Release - Ubuntu Community Hub

" (...)


Users of Ubuntu 23.10 will be offered an automatic upgrade to 24.04 soon after the release.
Users of 22.04 LTS however will be offered the automatic upgrade when 24.04.1 LTS is released, which is scheduled for the 15th of August. (...)"

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Thanks Richard.
I usually wait until the first point release but 24.04 caused so much controversy I had wanted to see what it was about. I hope the two problems I mentioned are fixed because I want to get the 10 years of support under Ubuntu Pro. If they are not I will probably go back to Ubuntu 22.04 and go with 7 years of support (which is what I did with my wife's laptop for other reasons).
I also am considering Mint Mate, but that OS has problems with their Ayantana indicators, especially the battery monitor which is very important to me. You can set it up under dconf like here, but it still doesn't show any time or percentage.The indicators just don't work. (The extra panel applet is prone to not loading and crashing on all Mate installs.)
I am old enough that 7-10 years might just be my last install.