It doesnt keep appearance

I upgraded v21 to v22
I used traditional human theme for windows borders
I set it in appearance but when I reboot the setting disappears
Thank You

no, I'm wrong it does not keep top bar color (controls)

You can add a Startup Applikation that sets the dconf setting in Startup. Yeah Mate forces the yaru Themen unless you load with dconf another Themen in every login...

Maybe it IS a duplicate of Problem applying themes in Ubuntu Mate 22.04


After a year, is there still the bug?

It IS more of a Design choice than a Bug.

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so it is better to use another distro

Apparently, Ubuntu MATE 22.04 ignores metacity themes, after logout or reboot, defaults to yaru
Is it possible to solve the bug deleting all yaru themes ?


No as the theme itself contains no data to tell the system to use yaru theme. The theme doesnt have any executable. Its configrured deeper in the system. Just put a small shell script with

dconf write /org/mate/Marco/general/theme "'Yourtheme'"

in the users startup-/autoatart and thats it.

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Afaik, Human theme is used by Ubuntu, not Ubuntu MATE. Ubuntu MATE is based on a different desktop, inspired by Gnome 2. It's not likely Ubuntu's Human theme will work on MATE. You should use some official Ubuntu MATE theme, like Yaru.

I am not a fan of Yaru, so installed "mate-themes" Official themes for the MATE desktop

While it does not have the traditional human theme, it may have a similar theme, and they work well with any Mate installation, I use the TraditionalOK theme myself, on Ubuntu Mate, Mint Mate, Sparky and Parrot.
MATE (Menta, GreenLaguna, TraditionalGreen,
TraditionalOk, and BlackMate).

If you want orange or brown you could try installing Mint themes which has orange and brown themes, I would think the would work on Ubuntu Mate as they work on Mint Mate.