Jack-mixer install

hello. I am trying to run Ubuntu Mate as my base distribution for our podcast and streaming network and I was able to get everything I need installed but jack-mixer. In the past it has just been in the repositories.

thanks in advance.

Hello Echoplex_Media

As far as I know, the distribution "Ubuntu-Studio" has an easy way to set up "JACK". You might even be able to keep your "Mate" desktop. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks. I don't want to run Ubuntu Studio because some of the tools in it conflict with the tools from KXStudio. I am just looking for a ppa or a deb package for a specific application called jack-mixer, which unfortunately does not come with Ubuntu Studio. I think I found my answer elsewhere though!

Perhaps this might help -


Thanks! I did eventually find the information I was looking for. The software was basically abandoned for a long time but now it's in active development again and it looks like they're adding some great new features. I will just wait till it makes its way back to the repos to move from my current install of 18.04 to 20.04. Will almost certainly move from Ubuntu Studio as the base to Mate.

Thanks everyone!

It is in the official Debian repository also.