Jammy Jellyfish install from thumbdrive - small comment

I'm pretty happy with 22.04 so far. Do I get this right that it's a standard feature now that if you write the .iso to a thumbdrive, and then use that thumbdrive to install the Jellyfish, at some point during the installation, the software automatically creates a second partition on the thumbdrive to keep the installation logs there? In that case, I just wanted to say that IMO that's really neat! Thank you to all the developers for their great work!

I haven't installed 22.04 yet, but will check when I do if it writes to a different partition during installation.
I did run a live session and what I want and need is there and I was able to configure it as I wanted. Some is not default, like users and groups and mate-themes but is still in the repositories. I did move one of my laptops to Mint over snaps a few months ago. I hate Mint themes but that is how I figured out the mate-themes were still in the repositories. Still I prefer Ubuntu Mate for a lot of reasons. One of the main ones is this forum. It is much better and easier to use than the Mint forum and the knowledge base here is truly amazing.