Japanese text in 16.04 & Google Chrome 50.0.2661.94

They seem to have lost some weight.

Anyone else getting this?

Hi @mandarke,

not sure what you are trying to tell us?. :confused:

Yep, Japanese text looks very thin on Google Chrome here too - same version and 16.04.

Firefox looks much better:

It's probably something specific to Chrome's rendering engine, perhaps changing the font or size may help?

Possibly related: I had an issue with the monospace font in Geany -- I couldn't see the underscores - probably due to being too thin.

I’ve looked around and some are pointing their fingers at the noto font pack. I’ve tried their suggestion of removing and reinstalling to no avail. It seems to be affecting CJK rendering in an inconsistent manner. Japanese Wikipedia seems fine, but the Korean and Chinese versions is random and has a mix of both.