JFS install fails to boot (drops to grub prompt)

Hi, does anybody have experience with JFS install? I'm trying install test case for hirsute and formatting root with JFS. The installation completes but when I reboot, it drops to grub prompt. Doing ls (hd0, gpt2)/ says 'No known filesystem detected'. See screenshot of the error I mentioned.

Are there any special considerations for JFS install. My set up is as follows.
Virt manager with EFI
/dev/vda1 - EFI system partition
/dev/vda2 - / formatted as JFS
No swap. The installer did not complain.

This is not Ubuntu MATE specific though. I tried on both UM and Xubuntu. Same failure.

OK, I found out that JFS install works,

  • for BIOS mode
  • for UEFI mode if we keep a separate /boot partition

It does not work if boot is inside main system partition on EFI install (no issues for BIOS mode install).

Should I file a bug? If so where?

Please read this:

Glad to have you testing saivinoba.

Hi @mdooley, I have read that. What I meant to ask was if this would be a 'bug' or a 'feature request' and a confirmation to go ahead and file a bug. Also, by 'where' I actually meant against which package (sorry about that). Is it grub? not able to see kernel images under jfs root? or some other packages?

Raised bug report. Raised against both grub and ubiquity. Ubiquity at least should warn that a separate /boot is required like it does for an encrypted install.