Just curious if anyone else has seen this with 22.04

I've had a hardware failure with my Crowd Supply Maxwell triband Mesh network.

None of this has anything to do with 22.04 other than while trying to troubleshoot the connectivity issues on three occasions my 22.04 system has totally locked up requiring a press of the "RESET" button. I would think that no kind network issues should crash or lock up a Linux system, an application trying to use the network maybe, but no killing all access via mouse/keyboard and Alt-F3

The 20.04 and 16.04 systems on my network didn't have the issue, I was just interactively probing to figure out what parts of the mesh might not be working, I was just trying to ping my main machine, the hub and nodes, and other machines on my network and the internet. The same as I was trying to do with my main i9 desktop, I just did a lot more of it from my main desktop.

I've restored my non-mesh Netgear X10 Nighthawk router the wireless bridge and got a new access point to replace the one that failed when I decided to "upgrade" to a mesh network.

The nighthawk supports a "roaming" WiFi feature so having the SSIDs and passwords the same for the router and access points doesn't seem any worse that what we were getting walking around the house with our cell phones compared to the Mesh. The only issue is the the wireless bridge only gets half the bandwidth to my wife's computer (where a cable is a total non-starter), compared to the triband node (not that she'd ever notice) but it also being a 2.4/5 Gz access-point I noticed the lack of coverage when using my cell phone to view the security cameras on that side of the house so I could adjust them after they got "bumped" when the house was repainted.