Just thoughts of first time relatively unimpressed MATE user


Up front so it is known where I am coming from - I have been unimpressed with few computer users forums.
I am not looking to be insulted, and I am not looking for learning how to “mind my t’s and i’s”.
I have been programming computers since 197x , I have a MSEE and if something does not do what it suppose to I like to fix it , not pussyfoot around and pretending it is"feature " | “users fault”.
So - after FOUR trials I got MATE to be SSH server and I can connect to Raspberry Pi from my PC.

On my SECOND download of MATE and after configuring it I got some kind of “automatic upgrade” - in the middle of it I got a message that I am " out on disk space" . So I reboot and FireFox wouldn’t connect to Internet…

Long story short - now FIRST verbose message I get during MATE load is

FAILURE to do something about kernel …

My thought - I need to do some serious work coding , I have SSH working and not really want to spent time only to find out “that 's is the normal way how MATE loads…” or writing bug reports nobody reads.


Strange message, don’t really see the point of it. But, yes, the Raspberry Pi Mate image is poor with multiple problems.


It sounds like you have some trouble shooting and programming abilities that would be a wonderful help to the Ubuntu MATE Raspberry PI build. If you are willing to help fix those issues, I’m sure the UM team would appreciate your bug reports and attempts to help fix those bugs.

As a Raspberry PI user, I would have to say that your best experience is probably going to be with Raspbian, the recommended Linux distro for the Raspberry PI. If you want a more trouble free experience or an experience that if you have issues there is a lot of online documentation for how to fix these issues, Raspbian is your Operating System choice. From your message it appears that you might be having issues with either too small of an SD card, or the file system did not get expanded to fill our SD card during the installation.

That said, I really appreciate the work Ubuntu MATE has put in to try and get their distro onto the Raspberry PI platform. It is no small feat because of the ARM architecture and unique constraints that are present on the Raspberry PI verses a typical X64 computer. I hope you are willing to work with the team to improve Ubuntu MATE for all Raspberry PI users.


Thanks for reply, unfortunately I went back to Raspian.
Few reasons. First one the reaction to my post was not surprising , apparently " thinking " is not what the title of the thread was about.
It is hard to be positive when after clean install and “update” I could not connect to internet. I understand MATE is a community effort, but I did not expect such failure from get go. Yes, I was very frustrated with failures from both OS MATE and Raspian SAME time. I just cannot see why a user has to troubleshoot the tool, but that seems to be the case of these community supported efforts. In my view the issue is in inability of “community” to accept what used to be called “critical thinking” by confusing it with criticism. No, I won’t be going back to try MATE in the near future.


When installing make the root partition bigger, that’s why you’re running out of space when updating.


How did you come up with this ?
Manually resizing partitions?
You really believe that " update " is not capable of adjusting partitions as necessary.?


Updates do not resize partitions. The user must do this.

Good luck @anna


Not a matter of belief
Update is not capable of resizing partitions
When partition is mounted and in use running update would not be possible to resize

who do you expect to troubleshoot your system?


Ubuntu Mate (and Raspbian) for the Raspberry Pi are not community distros. There is only one person who is involved/creates the Raspberry version of Mate and that is Martin Wimpress. The problems described in this thread have been raised countless times. Nobody on this forum other than Martin can properly fix them for Ubuntu Mate, but workarounds have bee posted which is the best that can be done.

I don’t use Ubuntu-Mate. I created unofficial Xubuntu installers that are (as far as I am aware) problem free. They are free for you to use. I am very happy to help positive friendly people who have questions, but if you come with an attitude like in the opening post then you’ll probably be ignored.