Just tried the "Netbook" layout, it's pretty cool!

Tonight I’ve rescued an old ASUS eepc from windows, and because the screen was so tiny I tried the “netbook” layout.

Everything is in the top panel, and I was worried there was no taskbar when I noticed that actually there is: it’s just that instead of the traditional icon + text, you only get the icon.

That’s a good setup for such a small screen, kudos to whoever had that idea. ^^

The proprietor was happy, and I was too. \o/

WOW! I’ve had one of those EEEs laying around forever not knowing what to do with it as it’s internal space was way too small. Guess I’ll give that one a try, thanks for the inspiration :sunny:

I also tried netbook layout and liked it alot but MATE (and rather ubuntu base) takes a bit too much resources so my machine runs too hot. I found Bunsen Labs Linux http://www.bunsenlabs.org which is Debian Jessie with Openbox and other lightweight features, it has similar icon panel, also they have two panels and by default its very easy to move windows between. Bunsen also has Welcome script that makes it easy to reconfigure everything for Debian newbies. Its even has Conky by default for easy monitoring.