Just wanted to say hello — I'm back. :)

I hope this is alright in here — looked like the most likely subforum in which to post.

I used Ubuntu MATE for a good while around 2014-2016, but then had to move back to Windows, and dual-booting was a pain.

For the first time since then, I have two systems again, and while I have to use Windows for Photoshop, I'm burning the distro now to install on my itty bitty play machine that I have for pleasure. :slight_smile:

I had installed Debian first — a while back, while talking about distros on reddit, someone mentioned I should give it a try since that's what Ubuntu is based on. So I did. But of course I went with the MATE desktop. And it's not bad.

But I miss my Ubuntu MATE. I miss this forum and the good people here. And I miss the simple beauty of the distro.

So yeah. Soon as this disc finishes burning, I'll get Ubuntu MATE on there, and it's good to be back! :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome back...
which version of the distro will you be loading? 21.04 is working well for me :wink:

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welcome back @ieh :slight_smile:

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I've always said there's something about Ubuntu that makes it special. I was heartbroken when the Unity experiment began and I had to leave in search of a better desktop. I was overjoyed when I heard that Ubuntu-Mate existed. There's just something about Ubuntu's version of Gnome 2.x Mate that just fits so good. It's a bunch of small things, papercuts I think Shuttleworth called it once, that individually seem like they don't matter but in the totality of everything they add up to a major big deal.

This is the best distro, and it's good to be home again, eh? Welcome back!


Yeah! Welcome back @ieh.


For whatever workflow you have, you can probably install the software that you want to run, or find an alternative for it. I believe people install Photoshop on Linux.

When I first started using MATE there were a couple of pieces of software I use that didn't install natively. Since then, developers have produced a Linux version, so I can use Ubuntu MATE for pretty much everything I do. I do have a gaming machine with Win10.

It's a great DE IMO, it's my favorite because I can set it up to where anything I want to do is a one-click operation to load the app. But it's more than just the one-click thing; it's having a bar on top that I can use as a quick launch, while the bottom bar shows open apps, so nothing is cluttered and I can see everything easily, and the bottom bar gets out of your way.

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Hi. I have to use Windows to run some software at work. I used dual boot for a year and also it was very inconvenient for me. I made an upgrade of RAM and now I run Windows in Virtual Box when it's needed. Life was never as good before as it's now. )))))

It is a bit of a journey to learn which programs best meet your needs when you move to Linux. There are so many programs to chose from, choosing whether to use Gnome of KDE programs, and you just have to learn to use them, some are different from Windows software (like LibreOffice), and others are less user friendly (like kid3 audio tagger, took me a while to get the hang of it). Yet being free of Windoze software is such a great feeling!