Kernel 4.5.1 release date?

Anyone know when we will get Kernel 4.5+? I’ve done all the updates and I still only have 4.4.0.

I believe that UM 16.04 LTS will remain on 4.4. That’s not to say that if you’d like a newer kernel you couldn’t do it yourself.

Here’s the schedule

more info

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Damn, that really sucks.

You can test out 16.10 which may have 4.7 or 4.8

I have Oracle’s Virtual Box running with the daily 16.10

Ubuntu MATE 16.04, and all Ubuntu flavors, will get Hardware Enablement Stack updates. These typically first arrive with 16.04.2 and will include updated kernels. Or you can choose to go with an Ubuntu Mainline kernel now, but they are not supported.